Oscar Award: ‘Will Smith’s slap was planned,’ Mike Tyson and Rick Flair said. ‘I would’ve punched Chris Rock.’

Mike Tyson

There’s an ongoing joke regarding what Will Smith would have done if another celebrity, such as Mike Tyson, had made the joke about Jada Pinkett Smith instead of Chris Rock. However, ‘Iron Mike appears to be on Will Smith’s side rather than Chris Rock’s. You have to understand that the former Heavyweight champion was a punchline for decades due to his antics outside the ring. He was not only convicted and imprisoned, but he also suffered from speech impairment, prompting bold comedians to imitate him whenever they had the opportunity. Laughing at Mike Tyson in the 1990s was a dangerous sport for comedians, and however, few people would make jokes about him in his presence.

Oscar Award: 'Will Smith's slap was planned,' Mike Tyson and Rick Flair said. 'I would've punched Chris Rock.'
Mike Tyson is now an ardent cannabis activist with his podcast, ‘Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson.’ On his podcast, he invites every celebrity you can think of, and this time he welcomed WWE veteran Rick Flair. Both contact sports superstars acknowledged that the entire slap drama was contrived in this episode, but they also agreed they would have punched rather than slapped Chris Rock for making jokes about their spouses. Flair said, “I can speak for myself, and I’m pretty sure I’m speaking for Mike.” “If I didn’t like something someone said about my wife for any reason, I would punch them instead of slapping them. When you’re angry with someone, you punch him instead of slapping him.”

We immediately recognized that the former Heavyweight champion was about to provide his two cents on the legendary slap while Mike listened. He said in response: “It’s a fake if Ric says it’s a fake. It’d be more than one punch, as well “Mike commented on Rick Flair’s solution. ‘Iron Mike,’ it appears, would still respond brutally if his wife’s honour was on the line, despite his current love and peace days. He seems unconcerned with etiquette or any criticism from the comedy community. In any case, no comedian would dare to challenge Mike Tyson. In any case, he is idolized by the majority of them.


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