Ini Edo Turns 40 Years Old Today(Photos)

Ini Edo Turns 40 Years Old Today

Ini Edo, a popular Nollywood actress, celebrated her 40th birthday today on Instagram.

Ini Edo Turns 40 Years Old Today

She captioned a fresh photo of herself, saying,

“This is number 40.

I have all of the qualities necessary to be a huge success.

I feel a surge of creative energy that inspires me to come up with new and wonderful ideas.

Happiness is something that may be chosen. My pleasure is based on my own successes and the benefits that have been bestowed upon me.

Ini Edo Turns 40 Years Old Today

My ability to overcome obstacles is infinite. My ability to succeed is limitless.

My thoughts are full with hope, and my love is abundant with blessings.

Everything that is happening right now is for my ultimate benefit.

Even though these are challenging times, they are only a brief period of life.

Ini Edo Turns 40 Years Old Today

I’m overcoming my fears. Every day, I’m getting closer to defeating it.

Because I am the apple of God’s eye, my life is only getting started.

Happy birthday to me.

BROWNSUGAR is 40 years old and undefeatable.”


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