‘I’m a woman abuser’ – Nelson Mandela’s grandson in Instagram video that has gone viral

Nelson Mandela's grandson

A video of the grandson of late president Nelson Mandela, Mbuso, admitting to allegedly abusing his partner, has emerged online.

“My name is Mbuso Mandela [and] I am a woman abuser. I put my girlfriend’s head through the window and through the Trellidor. I strangled her, she needs me to admit it, so I am admitting it in front of everybody; to everybody, thank you,” Mandela said in the video.

Mandela, the son of the late president’s son Makgatho, made the recording on his Instagram live feed.

It is unclear when the video was posted. The video had also been shared on Instagram by gender-based violence activist Josina Machel. Machel’s mother, Graca, was married to Nelson Mandela. 

“The video has shattered us as family. In my personal capacity, as a family member and founder of Kuhluka Movement [a non-profit civil society mass organisation directed at combating the violation of rights of women] we condemn these actions in the strongest terms.

“We cannot condone preparations of violence in our families. We are looking for the best course of action,” Josina said in her post.

A video of a woman who identified herself as Mandela’s partner and claiming the alleged abuse never happened, had also been doing the rounds on social media. 

“I get why he posted that because in our angry little fight we had [I] called his bluff and said he will never try and ruin his reputation and it was wrong, I admit that completely.

“As you can see, there is no bruises, my face is fine. Not too sure where he has hit my head through a Trellidor, because [I’m] pretty sure it will be swollen.” 

“You will notice, however, there is a blue mark over there [pointing to her arm] but that happened on Thursday, I bumped into a person and got a blue mark and I bruise easily. So as you can see, nothing.”

Speaking to News24, Mandela’s brother, Ndaba said: “He is not doing interviews with anyone. Thank you.” 

This was not the first time Mandela had been involved in a scandal. In 2015, he appeared in court for allegedly raping and sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl at a bar.  

At the time, City Press reported that a waitress at the restaurant said that the rape allegedly took place outside the toilets.

The case was later withdrawn

Source: news24.com


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