Governor Umahi Praises God for His Victory in Appeal Court

Governor Umahi Praises God for His Victory in Appeal Court

On Sunday, Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State led his family and government officials in thanking God for the win he and his Deputy Governor had before the Court of Appeal in Enugu on Friday.

The Court of Appeal in Enugu, presided over by Justice K.O Olawole, maintained an earlier ruling by the Abakaliki High Court, presided over by Justice Henry Njoku that Governor Umahi and his Deputy could not be removed from office due to their defection to the APC.

Governor Umahi Praises God for His Victory in Appeal Court

Governor Umahi addressed the audience, thanking the state’s people for their earnest prayers for his administration, mainly through the recent challenge of litigation over his mandate and promising to repay them through people-oriented projects, programs, and policies.


“There can be no better preaching than the preaching of love because the Bible says love is everything, and April is a month of love because it is the month in which our Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Forgiveness sets the heart free, and when you forgive, you discover that the captive is you.

Governor Umahi Praises God for His Victory in Appeal Court

“I just distributed money to help Exco members who are currently serving and those who have completed their service since 2015.”


Governor Umahi said that his administration has paid all promotion arrears to all civil servants in the state and that those in the local government and the judiciary will be paid on or before April 7th.


“We have paid all promotion arrears to all State Civil Servants from 2015 to 2021, and I have commanded that Local Government Staff and the Judiciary get their own before April 7th.”


He expressed optimism that his administration would be able to complete the King David University of Medical Science, the Airport, and other vital projects before his term ended.


Governor Umahi said that the state’s debt profile was second to Jigawa State in the country and that with God on his side, no sector would be left behind in his renewal push.


He also asked for input from the Labour Union on whether the state should go ahead and create new jobs or raise civil servant salaries over the minimum wage.


“Should we hire more people or raise civil servant salaries beyond the minimum wage in the spirit of love? Our money cannot support both. Therefore, the choice is yours.


“I appreciate your prayers; if you consider what God has done in Ebonyi State as a result of your prayers, it is unbelievable.


“We thank God for the Appeal Court, and I believe we should put the case behind us because God has delivered us from our difficulties; we must respect and praise God because that is the God we know.”


Governor Umahi encouraged those vying for political positions in the next dispensation to trade with caution so as not to overheat the polity while calling for more prayers for the emergence of God’s anointed to succeed him in 2023.

Governor Umahi Praises God for His Victory in Appeal Court

“This seat will only be filled by one person. Thus we need prayers for God’s anointed for the Councillors, Chairmen, Members of the House of Assembly, the National Assembly, the Governor, and, of course, the Presidency of Nigeria.


“We have over seven projects set up for the Vice-President to the commission, and the CAN President will commission the Ecumenical Centre and this Chapel,” said the Vice-President.


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